This holiday season, spend your time playing some cool casino games for free on your mobile device. Don't be surprised, not every game is meant for money alone. Several operators understand that gambling is mostly about fun, and that is why they always have some games on their sites. One such site is . Sign up here and play some cool free games on this site.

Why should you play on your mobile?

If you are a highly mobile person, we'd advise you to use your mobile device for playing games as well. Take your game anywhere with you. Play games while travelling in your car or waiting for someone. You can even play your mobile games while having coffee. Today, playing games on your mobile device has become easier because of 3 important reasons.

One, your device can catch the internet signals easily in any nook or cranny. Secondly, with a limited screen size, you don't get distracted by useless pop ups and advertisements. You remain focused on your game. Lastly, your online casino will adjust the size of its display area to match the screen of your phone. Playing games on your mobile device is easier than on desktops.

  • You can open your online casino account in a few easy steps
  • Never share your banking details if you want to play for free


Types of online casinos

You can play free games on web-browser based casinos. These websites can be accessed by simply typing their URLs in the search bar of your mobile phone.You can even speak out that website's name on the mike, and you will get the desired address. Play your game on your phone for as long as you want without downloading and installing it.

Downloadable games can be installed on your smartphone and you can play them whenever and wherever you like and without any internet connection. You can install those games on your phone through your desktop device as well. Just input your mobile number in the casino page, and the casino will send a link on your phone. Click it and your game is installed in a minutes.

Some popular games

You can play online slots for free on your mobile device. These games provide the same level of excitement as in real casinos. There are two kinds of slots- Classic and Virtual. The former have 3 reels and a very simple goal. Line up a few symbols of a kind on a payline and win your game. Classic slots are marked by fruits, candies, etc.

Video slots are more elaborate in themes, animation, graphics and sound effects. The most common symbols are Ace, King, Jack, Queen, 10 ,and in some cases 9. These are low paying in nature. High paying symbols vary from one slot to another depending upon its story. Some slots have a Wild symbol that can substitute for a standard symbol. Scatters help in unlocking hidden features of your game.

  • Scatters are very rare in online slots
  • Check your paytable to find if you have Wilds and Scatters

Playing online roulette

Often called the King of the Casino, roulette is a fast paced game that is played on a revolving wheel. There is a betting chart placed just next to the wheel where you can lay your bets. Place your bet before the dealer drops the ball on the wheel. There are three kinds of roulette. In European roulette, the wheel is divided into 37 numbered secttions.

One of those sections is for 0 and the remaining 36 are numbered from 1 to 36. In the American version, there is an additional slot for a double 0. Odds vary considerably in both the two versions. In French roulette, the game helps those players who lose their bets when the balls on the 0. Choose your casino which has a wide range of roulette games.

  • There are two kinds of roulette bets- Inside and Outside
  • Inside bets have higher payouts but lower odds

Online bingo and blackjack

Playing online bingo helps you connect with strangers who can later become your friends. It is card based game and is played with Bingo cards. Each card has 25 random numbers written over it and arranged in a 5x 5 grid. These numbers are random and are arranged column wise under the word BINGO written on the top of the card.

To win the game, you have to find the right number letter combinations in a vertical column or row. Blackjack is also a card based game. The aim here is to beat the dealer by having a hand total of 21 or less. If you cross this total, you lose the bet. There are severa; strategies that can help you win your blackjack game.