Although online craps is a game of sheer chance, it offers great entertainment and provides players with numerous ways to win huge prizes. It is our justification on this page that any enthusiastic casino player can enjoy this game without traveling. Visit for more in-depth info.


Online Craps Game Overview

Online craps presents itself in a variety of forms that include free gaming, social gaming, real money play, and no download versions. Here, we will walk you through the basics of the game, how to play it, and what you would expect with each version. It's playable on:

  • Android devices
  • iPhones
  • Tablets
  • PC desktops

If you choose to play craps at a physical casino, you should be cognizant of the fact that there is the etiquette you will need to observe. Playing the online version of the game, however, doesn't demand this etiquette since you will be all alone wherever you play.

Guidelines for Betting Craps

Many players at a craps table have the tendency of playing the entire round with pass bets. However, legend craps players know the secret about other bet types that enable them to land bigger wins in the game. This isn't going to be a secret anymore.

Understanding the different craps bets such as those with the best odds puts you at a great advantage. You should learn to incorporate craps payout odds into your gameplay. You can make better decisions if you understand the odds of the dice landing on your bets.

Online Craps Rules

There are loads of jargon and a complex table at online craps that would make its game seem to be overly complicated and overwhelming to players, especially newbies, at a first glance. For a wonderful encounter with the game, it is important that a player takes the time:

  • To learn the basic bets
  • To learn the craps table layout

Once you have familiarized yourself with the aforementioned, you will be prepared to join the thrill of real money online craps games immediately and begin wagering. Understanding the rules enables you to know each stage of the game and also get in touch with the easy-to-follow instructions.

Safety at Online Craps Casino Sites

Everything begins with safety and we are certain that the best you would want is to play craps game on a site knowing that your information will not leak to any third party and that you won't be sued for playing at an illegal casino.

It is advisable that you only play craps games at licensed casinos. On every legit casino site, the licensure information is always indicated. You can always do a small research to double-check and authenticate the licensure information as it proves the credibility and legality of the casino.

Authenticating the Fairness and Credibility of the Casino

No one would love to invest their money in a casino if they are certain the casino won't pay out their winnings. Before you deposit any money into your casino account, take the time to research the site to verify its payment records. This, you can achieve through:

  • Going through reviews given by other players
  • Checking for information from independent auditing firms that give info about the fairness of casinos

If, for instance, a bad casino scams a player, that player is likely to publish the information in the comment or review section. Robust communities for players exist online, allowing players to discuss their own gaming experiences, their favorite games, and the best bonuses. Make use of them.